• Image of "Atlas: I" - 3-Vinyl Box Set
  • Image of "Atlas: I" - 3-Vinyl Box Set

So excited for these songs to have a home on Vinyl, the world’s classiest music format. These songs were inspired by: DARKNESS, LIGHT, SPACE, LAND & OCEANS.

This 3rd edition pressing includes:

- Brand-new Redesign!

- 3 Random (and beautifully) Colored Vinyl records. Like fingerprints, no two are alike!

- A nice thick booklet featuring each of the 30 paintings by Geoff Benzing along with lyrics and liner notes.

- Digital download

- Beautiful fabric-wrapped, foil-stamped box to store the set in.


VINYL COLOR: Every set features completely different and unique colors. Store image is an example only. Vinyl color will completely vary! (Don't worry, they look awesome!!)

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