• Image of Enneagram 8 - "INVINCIBLE" Key Necklace

Sleeping At Last + The Giving Keys = LOVE!!!

"and i’ll give all i have, i'll give my blood, i'll give my sweat-
my ocean of tears will spill for what is broken.
i’m shattered porcelain, glued back together again
INVINCIBLE like i've never been."

In celebration of Sleeping At Last's 9 songs for the 9 Enneagram Types, The Giving Keys and Sleeping At Last have teamed up to make a type EIGHT inspired Key Necklace that has the word "INVINCIBLE" on it! "INVINCIBLE" is a key word (pun intended) in Sleeping At Last's brand-new song "Eight"... so if you identify as a Enneagram Type Eight, or just like the song "Eight" or just like the word "Invincible" - this key's for you.

The Giving Keys: With every purchase, you create employment opportunities for people transitioning out of homelessness. Learn more: www.thegivingkeys.com

Embrace your word, then Pay It Forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you. Then write to The Giving Keys a story of why you gave it away!

This product is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles

NOTE: The look of your Key may vary from the pictures here, as every key is different and unique! ... But all keys are the "Classic" SILVER Key style & Chain (30" Chain) with the word "INVINCIBLE"!