• Image of "Space" - 2-Vinyl Set
  • Image of "Space" - 2-Vinyl Set

So thrilled to announce this beautiful 5th pressing of "Space" - featuring the Space/Planet songs from "Atlas: II"!!

This double-vinyl set features all-new gorgeous artwork by Tim Damitz!

Vinyl 1: All 11 Atlas: Space songs
Vinyl 2: Instrumental versions of all Atlas: Space songs, available for the 1st time ever!


Vinyl Colors: Green and Pink!! (They look awesome)

(Please note: As with all vinyl production, the colors may vary from the images in this listing, as each vinyl set are one of a kind! No returns or exchanges)

LP1 Tracklist:

1. Sun
2. Mercury
3. Venus
4. Earth
5. Moon
6. Mars
7. Jupiter
8. Saturn
9. Uranus
10. Neptune
11. Pluto

LP2 Tracklist:

Instrumental versions of all 11 Space Songs above!